Volvo S80

This is my wife's 2001 Volvo S80 T6. We did a timing belt kit, head gasket , valve stem seals and change the intake valve also. You will see a few pictures of the work we did to the vehicle. On the left you see a picture of my brother double checking to make sure the timing and torque specs are correct.

 A lot of work was done the the car. We learn a lot from what was done and we took the engine apart almost completely. We had to clean the cylinder head with engine cleaner and a high pressure hose 3 times. The engine was full of gunk! It looked like hard grease instead of motor oil on it. Most people told us that we had to buy a motor but we believed that the motor was still good. The timing belt broke and it bend the intake valves. While changing the intake valves we replace the head gasket also. It was a good experience rebuilding the motor on the Volvo. Some special tools were needed to set the timing on the camshaft, to be able to lock them in place.

Here are a few pictures of some of the work we did to the car.